Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Clean Free Egypt

Congratulations to the young people of Egypt for their efforts to clean the country as they have cleaned it from a corrupt regime.
Rwanda, in East Africa is an example to be followed.  It suffered terrible civil war 15 years ago caused the death of more than a million of its people. The current administration introduced several good schemes to heal the wounds of terrible past and build a modern affluent society. One of the impressive schemes the government introduced is on the last Saturday of every month from 8am to 12am everybody including the president is obliged to clean the streets of the area where they live. Kigali the capital of Rwanda is currently a spotless city with clean streets and tidy beautiful gardens everywhere. I hope we can copy the same policy in Egypt, so one day all the cities, towns and villages of Egypt become clean without heaps of rubbish and dirt accumulating in our streets and lanes.
Thanks again to the young Egyptians for igniting the efforts to clean Egypt as they have ignited the 25th of January revolution. Well done my brothers and sisters,  keep up the good work!!